Robert Pope, Jr.

I can now smile with confidence

Dr. Obando: I just wanted to thank you and your staff for taking great care of me and seeing me through the successful completion of my dental treatment. I am very pleased with the look, fit and function of the hybrid bridge. You and your team do great work! Being able to eat normally after 8 years is a big deal for me and I can now smile with confidence.


I will highly recommend you and Nova Dental to all of my friends and associates. Take care and good luck with the new office expansion.

Marlene Roessiger – United States

Great Crown Bridges!

To Nova Dental Team, Hey guys, I’ve got back from Costa Rica with a big and beautiful smile. I would like to thank you, all of you, for your excellency and hard work. From the front desk, to the assistants and to the doctors: you guys are awesome! I’m really pleased with the result.


My husband, my mom and daddy, my friends, everybody was impressed with the result! You put a big smile on my face. I thank God, first. For providing for his little girl the treatment that she deserve through my parents. I thank all of you, for the knowledge, for the special rate, for the the right decision.


We will be back next year and I will bring my husband and some friends to meet you…My mouth is not complete done, yet. I want to get rid of those metal fillings…I guess you will see me back… Love you all and I love PURA VIDA COSTA RICA.

Bruce Lites – Boulder, CO, USA.

The Best Choice in Costa Rica

Schedule changes prevented a bone graft (“sinus lift”) and dental implant by my dental surgeon in the USA. Because I was going to Costa Rica anyway, I looked for someone to perform the procedure there. I am very happy to have found Dr. Luis Guillermo Obando. He accommodated my schedule on fairly short notice, and performed these procedures at half the cost of the procedure in the USA.


The savings paid for the trip to this beautiful country — our future retirement location. The surgery was done efficiently and was relatively painless. Three days after the surgery I enjoyed a hike to the top of a 10,000 ft. volcano! I have experienced no complications or further problems with the implant or sinus lift in the intervening 9 months. His post-operative care and instructions were very clear and helpful.


After 6 months, I was again in Costa Rica and Dr. Obando checked the implant. He indicated that all is well with the implant and the sinus lift. I now plan to go back to Dr. Obando to have the crown fitted on my next visit to Costa Rica. Dr. Obando and his staff have been pleasant and very helpful at all stages of this process. I recommend him to anyone considering implant surgery in Costa Rica.

Malgorzata Williams

A Remarkable Job!

Dr. Obando, I have thought about writing this Thank You letter for a while. You and your staff have done a remarkable job. I cannot begin to thank you enough for fixing my smile. Dr. Obando, I truly appreciate your extremely conservative approach and utmost concern for what was in my best interest.


Thankfully, you were able to make such an improvement that I could see my old self in the mirror after coming home, for the first time in over ten years! You have exceeded my expectations as a dentist. You and your staff are incredibly efficient, caring and kind. And, you are a brilliant doctor, and an artist, o yes…an artist (because a patient is basically hiring an artist as well when they have cosmetic surgery), with incredible “bed-side manners”.


Thank you, Dr. Obando and staff, a thousand times over! Best Regards

Michael Young – North Carolina, United States

It far exceeded any U.S. dental experience!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my dental work. All of my new crowns that replaced all my horribly ground down upper teeth are fantastic. The price was equally fantastic. I could not have afforded the work here in the US. But the best thing was the dental experience itself.


It far exceeded any US dental experience I have ever had in my 54 years. Nova customer service is fantastic and the dentistry skills across the board are of the highest order in fact far beyond what I am accustomed to. I have changed dentists many times over the years due to being dissatisfied with my experiences both in the customer services area as well as competance and value for my dollar. Folks here don’t realize what they are not getting. It was great to be treated like a customer as well as a patient. The diagnosis and the recommended solution were perfect and have worked out better than I had expected when I was there. Stabilizing my bite was a great strategy to go with and it turns out that you were completly right. None of my other dentists ever talked about that. No more food is getting caught and the painful areas as a result are now pain free. (this is referring to areas that were not replaced but were problematic due to other problems with how I had grown accustomed to chewing over the years).


Also your equipment and imaging were far better than my previous US dentist employed. And putting all the images on screen and working with them and me to create the most cost effective solution for me was very impressive and went a long way to eliminate any apprehension I carried into your office with me. It was gone when I left! I still can’t believe that I got 12 new crowns all at once and without a second of any pain. I still can’t believe how much work was done in such a short period of time. Your technique for administering all the shots I needed is truly amazing!! I didn’t feel any of them! The technique you used to prepare my muscle tissue and nerves really works and I can’t believe I have never had a dentist use that on me before. And it did not even require any medication beyond a couple advils! So I am planning on returning later this year to have all my ground down bottom teeth replaced!

Juergen Mader – United States

Nova Dental: A pleasant experience

I have just returned to the US from having finalized major dental procedures. The whole experience at Nova Dental, in particular Dr.Obando and his staff has been a very pleasant / tolerable experience. I had major dental work performed, with 11 extractions and 11 implants placed in the upper and lower arches. In my recent visit the permanent hybridge(s) were placed and fitted and I am extremely happy with the fit and looks of these dentures. The feel is just like your own teeth.


The complete procedure was performed by Dr.Obando at Nova Dental including IV sedation for extractions as well as placement of the implants. Everything was explained in detail and the staff is very supportive during those procedures.. As soon as you enter the facilities you feel confident that you made the right decision for your dental needs. I would highly recommend Nova Dental for any dental work.

Elizabeth Davidson and Leonard Piorkowski – Hancock, New York, USA

A huge thanks to Dr.Obando and Dr.Chavarría

A huge thank you to both of you and your staff for your excellent work. We could not be more pleased with your prompt and professional attention to our dental needs. It was by far the most pleasant dental experience we’ve ever had in our lives.


We are recommending you to all our friends and relatives. Others- if you are considering using their services – do not hesitate. Their office is top notch in cleanliness, design and technology. We couldn’t give them higher praises.


Again, many, many thanks.

Michael Alexics – San Francisco, California.

In Good Hands

I just came back from a 5 day trip to see Dr Luis Obando of Nova Dental in Escazu Costa Rica. I did lot of research and instinctively found him to be the most enthusiastic, well trained and freshest of the two that I considered. This is a one stop shop that also does implants and root canals. I am a perfectionist with limited funds and I needed 20 year old porcelain on metal crowns replaced. I got an estimate in email after sending an x-ray which helps greatly in communication which was exactly what the final cost was.


I have never in my life received care like this, I came with pictures of what I wanted cosmetically and together with his opinion we arrived at a treatment plan.


Dr Obando works with a lab that is run by an artist technetium that literally walked over 3 times to meet me, see and then try on the crowns before finalizing and cementing. I wanted all ceramic and got the most translucent natural looking teeth I had ever seen. My last ones were overdone and Hollywood fake looking. Dr Obando’s staff are sweet skilled with no added sweetly sick fakeness or attitude. I also got a cleaning with more stains removed than I thought possible, a bleach kit and a night guard all in 5 days! I was picked up from the airport and got a discount code for the Marriott Courtyard across the road from the office in Escazu. Escazu is a beautiful, safe upper class area near the city of San Jose.


The hotel has breakfast and lunch buffets as well as restaurant and room service for the same price.


I was nervous but after meeting with Dr. Obando I knew I was in good hands. He cares and his reputation is important to him as he is serious and committed to his business. Do not think that American dentists have any advantage over dentists in Costa Rica because arrogance and ridiculously high fees are all they really offer. Everyone really tried to do their best and it was so personalized. I was sad to leave them because they felt like friends to me. You can read more and meet him on Utube.

Mike Lee – Arlington, Virginia

Definitely Nova Dental

My wife and I recently returned from our second visit to NovaDental in Escazú /San José Costa Rica. We offer only high praise for the quality and professional work we had done during both visits. Our first visit was for getting implants and the second, seven months later, for putting on the crowns.


I had additional work done each visit (cosmetic work the first trip, followed by some cavity & filling work, root canal and additional crown work on the second visit). The work cost me about 45% of what I was quoted at home in Arlington, Virginia. My wife and I recommend without hesitation the team at NovaDental (Dr.Obando, Dr.Truque and Dr Chavarría) that provided us with a quality product at very reasonable rates.


We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Escazú, literally 10 parking spaces from Nova Dental’s office.If you have additional questions, I’m more than happy to reply to additional postings on this topic.

Robin Kerrnitzky

Back for my third trip and happy as ever with the work and the customer service. Drs Obando and Chavarria have now rebuilt the bites of several of my friends and we’re all thrilled with our movie star smiles. Highly recommended. Oh yes, we also saved a ton of money vs US prices and got […]