It far exceeded any U.S. dental experience!

I can’t tell you how happy I am with my dental work. All of my new crowns that replaced all my horribly ground down upper teeth are fantastic. The price was equally fantastic. I could not have afforded the work here in the US. But the best thing was the dental experience itself.


It far exceeded any US dental experience I have ever had in my 54 years. Nova customer service is fantastic and the dentistry skills across the board are of the highest order in fact far beyond what I am accustomed to. I have changed dentists many times over the years due to being dissatisfied with my experiences both in the customer services area as well as competance and value for my dollar. Folks here don’t realize what they are not getting. It was great to be treated like a customer as well as a patient. The diagnosis and the recommended solution were perfect and have worked out better than I had expected when I was there. Stabilizing my bite was a great strategy to go with and it turns out that you were completly right. None of my other dentists ever talked about that. No more food is getting caught and the painful areas as a result are now pain free. (this is referring to areas that were not replaced but were problematic due to other problems with how I had grown accustomed to chewing over the years).


Also your equipment and imaging were far better than my previous US dentist employed. And putting all the images on screen and working with them and me to create the most cost effective solution for me was very impressive and went a long way to eliminate any apprehension I carried into your office with me. It was gone when I left! I still can’t believe that I got 12 new crowns all at once and without a second of any pain. I still can’t believe how much work was done in such a short period of time. Your technique for administering all the shots I needed is truly amazing!! I didn’t feel any of them! The technique you used to prepare my muscle tissue and nerves really works and I can’t believe I have never had a dentist use that on me before. And it did not even require any medication beyond a couple advils! So I am planning on returning later this year to have all my ground down bottom teeth replaced!