In Good Hands

I just came back from a 5 day trip to see Dr Luis Obando of Nova Dental in Escazu Costa Rica. I did lot of research and instinctively found him to be the most enthusiastic, well trained and freshest of the two that I considered. This is a one stop shop that also does implants and root canals. I am a perfectionist with limited funds and I needed 20 year old porcelain on metal crowns replaced. I got an estimate in email after sending an x-ray which helps greatly in communication which was exactly what the final cost was.


I have never in my life received care like this, I came with pictures of what I wanted cosmetically and together with his opinion we arrived at a treatment plan.


Dr Obando works with a lab that is run by an artist technetium that literally walked over 3 times to meet me, see and then try on the crowns before finalizing and cementing. I wanted all ceramic and got the most translucent natural looking teeth I had ever seen. My last ones were overdone and Hollywood fake looking. Dr Obando’s staff are sweet skilled with no added sweetly sick fakeness or attitude. I also got a cleaning with more stains removed than I thought possible, a bleach kit and a night guard all in 5 days! I was picked up from the airport and got a discount code for the Marriott Courtyard across the road from the office in Escazu. Escazu is a beautiful, safe upper class area near the city of San Jose.


The hotel has breakfast and lunch buffets as well as restaurant and room service for the same price.


I was nervous but after meeting with Dr. Obando I knew I was in good hands. He cares and his reputation is important to him as he is serious and committed to his business. Do not think that American dentists have any advantage over dentists in Costa Rica because arrogance and ridiculously high fees are all they really offer. Everyone really tried to do their best and it was so personalized. I was sad to leave them because they felt like friends to me. You can read more and meet him on Utube.