Renowned international media continue to highlight Costa Rica as one of the best tourist destinations worldwide and a highly recommended place to visit after the global crisis caused by Covid-19.

The information was released on April 24 by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, who has confirmed Costa Rica continues in a high privilege position on an international level.

Important media such as Good Morning America published a story of a British family who recreated the Costa Rican rain forest at home after canceling their trip to our country.

On the other hand, Matador Network published an extensive report on the beauties of Peninsula de Osa. Canadian Traveler has highlighted in his reports the human quality and the Costa Rican gastronomy as aspects that make our country a unique place in the world.

Profession Voyages also highlights the Osa Peninsula as one of the best places, as well as the quality of the all-inclusive packages offered by many of our hotels. Other important media around the globe, such as Forbes, The World of Spain, continue to highlight Costa Rica as a destination to consider once the crisis is over.

The Minister of Tourism María Amalia Revelo, stated that our country has earned that place through the hard work carried out year after year and that these publications are synonymous with the fact that the prestige of Costa Rica as a destination remains intact despite what is currently happening. The natural landscapes of the country as well as the strong structure that the tourism sector has enjoyed for several years now have made this country one of the favorites to be visited.

Undoubtedly, the outlook for the tourism industry in our country looks more than encouraging after a crisis that has hit sectors such as hotels and medical tourism strongly, affected niches that hope to start moving towards normality from the middle of the month of may.