I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to both Dr. Obando and Dr.Chavarria for the professional care they provided to me. Not only is Nova Dental Center immaculately clean, it contains state of the art equipment and an exceptionally knowledgeable and compassionate staff. I would especially like to thank Seidi for providing a few words of encouragement when they were needed most.

Both doctors were sensitive to my dental fears and were patient enough to answer all the questions I presented to them along the way. That kind of care can be difficult to find in the US. Iwould not hesitate to recommend your dental center to anyone. Thanks!!!

Craig Wilson


The doctors and staff at Nova Dental Center are exceptionally ethical, very efficient, modern and highly professional. They are conveniently located in an excellent area directly across from a Courtyard by Marriott.

Dr. Chavarría was very forthright, even recommending against having some costly work done that was previously recommended by my dentist in the U.S. The communication before my arrival as well as during my visit was exceptional.

I have a high level of confidence in their abilities and professionalism and do not hesitate to highly recommend Nova Dental Center for your dental care.

Bill Naron

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, U.S.

Nova Dental Outstanding!

We are back home safe and sound. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and beautiful dental work. For those thinking of coming to Nova Dental, don’t procrastinate, they are truly wonderful doctors. Both my husband and I had altogether 15 crowns.

We met the doctors, I was treated by Dr.Obando and my husband by Dr. Chavarría. They prepared our teeth on a Tuesday and on Monday fitted all of them and Tuesday the final.

We are so very pleased with the work and being it was our front teeth, you can not tell they have crowns. We reside in Florida and if you would like a recomendation from us just ask. letsgolinda@comcast.net, you will be very pleased with your outcome. We will return, if any dental work is needed.

Thanks Doctors


Florida, U.S.

Excelent Service!

Dr. Obando is an excellent dentist, so is Dr. Chavarría.

Dr. Obando was my main dentist but they both took the time to explain the process and different options at each step of their intervention. They also always thoroughly answered all my questions whenever they came up and proved they high level of professionalism. Almost three months after the intervention, no issues whatsoever.

A decision to have implants, bridges and crowns installed in a foreign country is not an easy one since it implies extra expenses and a potential concern due to the distance but choosing Novadental CR ended by being a good one. I want to thank Dr. Obando and everyone in his team for the great service and I definitely recommend them to anyone who’s seeking an excellent service at a reasonable price.

Nourdine Benattou

I can now smile with confidence

Dr. Obando: I just wanted to thank you and your staff for taking great care of me and seeing me through the successful completion of my dental treatment. I am very pleased with the look, fit and function of the hybrid bridge. You and your team do great work! Being able to eat normally after 8 years is a big deal for me and I can now smile with confidence.

I will highly recommend you and Nova Dental to all of my friends and associates. Take care and good luck with the new office expansion.

Robert Pope, Jr.

Nova Dental…the best!

Dr. Luis Obando and Dr. Javier Chavarria are two of the finest quality implant and cosmetic dental specialists it will be your good fortune to engage. Couple that with their care and kindness for the patient, and you have a winning situation. They’re the consummate professionals, who make you feel like family & friends within minutes of your meeting them. My full mouth restoration – 26 beautiful, zirconium crowns – took about a week from start to finish. With Nova’s outstanding relationship with one of the most respected international Dental Labs, it all comes together very nicely in a timely and precise manner.
From a lifetime of grinding and clinching, my teeth started to flatten out as the enamel and dentin wore away. The troubles were endless: great difficulty in chewing; Jaw joints repositioning and locking up; speech affected not being able to properly pronounce most of the alphabet; and my beautiful, healthy smile from years ago was gone.
It is now all over with – I am back to full wellbeing, and my beautiful, healthy smile is back better than ever. I can’t believe that I was able to get back to such a rejuvenated state so quickly with the direction of Drs. Obando and Chavarria at the Nova Dental clinic. I can’t say enough about the care and attention of the Drs., and the beautiful, smiling staff from Office Manager Keren, to the Dental assistants: Seidi, Maria and Tania. They are my new friends – I will miss them!

Vic Marcus Muschiano

United States

The best thing about Nova Dental is Dr. Luis Obando.

Just completed my somewhat extensive dental work (four implants and seven crowns) at Nova Dental in Escazu (San Jose), Costa Rica, and would like to share how happy I am that I chose this clinic, which by the way I first learned about through TripAdvisor. Bottom line: I once again have a great smile, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg to get it.The best thing about Nova Dental is Dr. Luis Obando. He’s young (maybe ten years in practice?), he’s an excellent dentist, and he’s a truly likeable person in general: intelligent, soft- spoken and kind. His staff is great as well. I always felt that I was in good hands, and they
handled me like a baby.
I should also mention that Nova Dental is the most modern dentist office I’ve ever been treatedin, and I’ve visited more than a few in my lifetime. See it for yourself on Nova’s web site(info@novadentalcr.com), where, by the way, you can “meet” Dr. Obando via a taped video interview.
Besides all of that, I saved a bundle compared to what I would have paid for my treatment in theU.S. By my estimates, even when I count my two trips to Costa Rica (implants require two office visits at least four months apart) and the “inci-dental” expenses I incurred during each one (airfare, hotels, taxis, car rental, meals, tours, etc.), in the end I spent less than HALF of what it
would have cost me to get the work done in the States.
I look at it this way: If I would have had the work done in Michigan, where I live, my dentistwould have been the one going to Costa Rica on vacation. Instead, by choosing to have myteeth fixed there, it was I who got to go to Costa Rica — twice! And, again, I saved a bundle. And got a nice tan, too.

An exceptional experience

While looking for a dental clinic in Costa Rica I searched various websites and read numerous reviews. After narrowing the list to three places I had to make a decision. Luckily I chose the Nova dental clinic in San Jose!
I’ve had an exceptional experience there. It is a modern facility with state of the art equipment. Both doctors Obando and Chaverria are highly qualified and experienced; they answered all of my questions and allowed me time to consider treatment options explaining their recommendations thoroughly. The staff members, receptionist and technicians, are all super professional, friendly
and helpful. I was always treated with respect and kindness.
To complete my treatment plan I made four visits to the clinic in a period of two years allowing for the healing process and to accommodate my work schedule.
Briefly, I had nine implants, two extractions, two bone grafts, a sinus lift and a crown. During each visit all procedures were completed in a timely manner (within seven working days or less), and at a price I could afford. In fact, a high-
end implant specialist in the U.S. presented me with a treatment plan covering three visits including extractions, bone grafts and seven implants (the posts only not including the crowns) at a price just under what I paid for the complete
restoration done at Nova. Financially, it was a real bargain.
Beyond the money, I could not be happier with the value I received. There were no complications, my teeth feel comfortable and natural and work perfectly, and my smile is restored!

Mark Bolin

United States

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