Impressed by Dr.Obando!

After many years of neglect I decided to have my teeth fixed in Costa Rica as the cost is considerably less than in Canada. I was very impressed with Dr. Obando’s zen like office and state of the art equiptment. Dr Obando and his team of professionals made my experience with dental implants and crowns the easiest dental procedures I have had.

Urmi Sheldon

Alberta, Canada.

Nova Dental is the Best!

Recently I made a trip to San Jose to have my upper teeth removed and five implants put into place for an upper denture. My lower jaw I needed two implants on each side in the back and 9 crowns on my lower front teeth.
Being on a tight budget I chose to go to a dental clinic offering very low prices and good advertising. It took me one day to realize that I had made a terrible mistake in my choice for dental care I sat in the office for a entire day only to have x-rays taken and when I was talking to other patients I learned that seemed to be the norm be prepared to spend each day sitting here and having work done as time permitted It was in fact a true clinic
That evening in my hotel room I called Dr. Obando.

At his home and was greeted with kindness and understanding we had communicated back and forth via computer prior to my trip but I went for the low price option at he clinic big mistake. Dr Obando spoke with me and advised I be at his office NOVA DENTAL ADVANCED CENTER the next day and we would take care of my dental needs Best move I ever made. When I left his office that day my implants were in place and I felt good knowing I had made the right decision. The office was comfortable clean and up to date with all the state of the art equipment you could ever need as well as a staff that is dedicated to your well-being and comfort.But most of all there was Dr.Obando who without a doubt had only my best interest foremost in his treatment plan. In choosing a dental practioner I can only say from my own experience that Dr. Obando and Nova Advanced Dental Center is without a doubt where I would go for understanding and quality dental work.

Feel free to ask Dr Obando for my phone number if you would like to speak to me in person. For what he did for me the least I can do is to give you a honest open review of his practice

George Pultea

Jupiter, Florida, USA

Thank you Dr.Obando!

I have to thank you and your staff for the professionalism and personal attention that you demonstrated in your practice at Nova Dental.

I am feeling good after my return and looking forward to going back in a few months to take care of the last part of my dental treatment.

Carlos Mata

Florida, USA

Definitely Nova Dental!

When I heard how much dental implants cost I vowed if I ever needed one, I’d investigate Dental Tourism.
So that time came. First I got the guarded blessing of my regular dentist and a panorex. Then I spend a whole lot of time on the Internet, deciding which country to go to for the procedure. After a while, Dr. Obando in Costa Rica emerged as the winner of my search, for my implant work.

Dr. Obando likes to work late so it seemed a little strange to me to be going to the dentist at 4 p.m. in the afternoon on the same day I arrived in Costa Rica for my procedure. But it all worked out well because about 7:30 p.m. I was on my way back to Villa La Mas, feeling well and ready for sleep. Dr. Obando was very thorough, beginning with a detailed explanation with visual aids of the dental implant procedure. I filled out a few forms, he took a few x-rays and photos and finally Dr. Obando gave me a sedative for my nerves. I was awake and aware but in no pain or anxiety.

The office, Nova Dental, is very clean and modern. Gloves, masks, and a surgery sheet were used. There were several assistants buzzing around while Dr. Obando worked. They repeatedly asked me if I was alright or needed anything. After it was over, which seemed like a short time, Dr. Obando instructed me how to take care of the implant and warned me not to chew on the affected side. He wanted to see me in a few days just to check on the implant before I went back to the States. My second visit was short, I was seen on time, and once again warned to take it easy on the chewing, and the canopy tours!

Dr. Obando is a young, bright, energetic, competent dentist. He is genial and has a good sense of humor. He communicates well, which was important to me as I don’t speak Spanish. I have to return to Costa Rica in four months for my porcelain crown over the dental implant, and while there I will replace another crown at a very reasonable price. I never thought I’d say this, but I’m really looking forward to my next trip to the dentist in December! I would readily recommend Dr. Luis Obando for any dental implant procedure.

Marcia Parkes Warnock

1210 South Blvd.Charleston, SC 29405

A Nice Experience!

From the first communication, I felt as though I was corresponding with a friend. From arranging airport transfers, to accommodations, the logistics of the trip were flawless. Nova Dental handled everything.

Nova Dental’s facility is very nice. As sophisticated as any facility I have been to in the United States. Dr. Obando’s thorough explanation set my mind at ease.

No surprises…except may the fact I had virtually no pain or swelling after the procedure. Kudos to Dr. Obando and staff. Truly a nice experience.”

Scott Dinsmore

Dallas, TX, USA

A Great Experience!

I come from a family where dentures are the norm and, at 55 was facing the choice of that or implants. My periodontist put together a plan involving himself and 2 other doctors, each of whom would play special roles. The plan entailed replacing 12 teeth with implants and doing extensive restorative work on the rest. It would take about 30 visits over 2 years and cost about $100K. From having lived in Europe and Canada, I knew that it has become pretty common to get treatment abroad. It’s called “medical and dental tourism” and is beginning to grow in North America also.

So I began to research an alternative source for dental treatment. I read several books and found that Costa Rica has become a globally recognized center of excellence for dental treatment. I also knew, from having worked in about 30 countries in my career, that Costa Rica is one of the more modern and safe countries in the world. Within Costa Rica, I was able to find 5 names that were highly regarded internationally. I performed a selection process which resulted in asking Dr. Luis Obando to take care of my case. I had researched his credentials, associations and continuing education and was surprisingly able to find out more about him than about my own doctors in Texas.

I found that he teaches dentistry at the local university and does most of his continuing education in the U.S. or Europe in the most modern technologies. I finished my treatment about 2 years ago and all of the work has held up very well. In fact, my U.S. dentist has complimented the quality of the work. When I need further care for the remaining natural teeth, which I know will occur, I will return to Dr. Obando for the above reasons as well as the following:

    • Dr. Obando recommended a less radical (and less costly) treatment plan than I had received in the U.S. He strongly prefers to save teeth where possible.
    • He has a network of high quality specialists in areas such as radiology, endodontics and the lab which he calls on as needed. He doesn’t try to do it all himself.
    • He schedules me for fewer, longer sessions which I prefer over the approach of many visits of shorter duration. I actually saved time flying to Costa Rica several times compared with the many round trips into Dallas that my US treatment plan would have entailed.
    • I was (my opinion) treated better and with more compassion in Costa Rica than I find to be the case in the harried and hurried US.
    • I was able to work from the Marriott Hotel which is in the same parking lot as Nova Dental. Using a PC, internet and VOIP, I stayed in touch with my clients just as though I was in the U.S. And I enjoyed the IMAX theatre and modern shopping mall down the street. Safety was never an issue.
    • Even counting travel costs, which were not too bad since I planned in advance, I saved well over 60% of the US cost.
    • Though I speak Spanish (very badly), English is very common in that area of Costa Rica and most of Dr. Obando’s other patients are also from the US and Canada. Language was never a problem.
    • Dr. Obando and his staff provided me with documentation that enabled me to claim a good deal of the cost from insurance and my FSA in the US. Most plans cover foreign treatment.

I have recommended Dr.Obando to a number of people since my experience. In fact my brother and his wife recently received treatment there with very satisfactory results and rave reviews of the whole experience. I am happy to make the same recommendation here as well as to personally discuss my experiences with any others who are also considering making the trip. I will gladly answer any questions that you have at


Texas, U.S.

Highly Pleased

I was highly pleased with the care I received at your hands, and would not hesitate to recommend Nova Dental to anyone interested in receiving implant surgery. I think your competence is admiringly matched by the concern you show for your patient’s well being.

Best wishes, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Lefebvre.

Beyond Expectations

Dear Dr. Obando and Dr. Chavarría:

I wanted to write to express our thanks to you both for all your attention and fine dental care during our recent visit to Costa Rica and your office. Our experiences were beyond our expectations and we are thrilled with the results. We will not hesitate to return to your care if needed and also reccommend you to family and friends.

Sheila and Roy Mennell

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