I love my new beatiful smile!

I just wanted to let you know that I completely and totally LOVE MY NEW, BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

You did an amazing job on my teeth and mouth. Not only do I look 100% better, but I am now able to chew better and enjoy my food more. I have also noticed that my face now looks more balanced and, for the first time in many years, I am now able to smile and show my teeth again! They look so natural.

I have received many compliments on the work you did on me, Dr.Obando, so I wanted to personally thank you once again, You have no idea what a difference it has made on how I look and feel. I am so happy I found you! Please thank your staff as well. They were all so professional and kind and truly made me feel comfortable and unafraid.

Priscilla Meyer

I finally have confidence to smile

I wanted to write and let you know, it has now been over three weeks since we completed my implant procedure. I cannot express how happy I am with the results. After 10 year of wearing dentures I finally have confidence to smile and talk in a normal manner without worrying about dentures coming loose.

For 5 years I visited dental clinics around the world, but because of my fear of dentists I could not move forward with the procedure. Last year when I visited your clinic I knew it was the right place for me.

I cannot say enough about your staff, they were a total pleasure to work with. Please feel free to use me as a reference of your work anytime. They can contact me by email. I look forward to returning for my 6 month checkup and enjoying your great country again.

William L. Buchanan

United States.

Nova Dental is Outstanding!

I don’t believe I can thank you adequately for all your help & support indirecting my son & I to the excellent facilities of Nova Dental. Dr. Obando, Dr.Fonseca & Dr. Truque .. indeed, the clinic’s entire staff .. are one and all outstanding.

Truly I couldn’t have been more impressed with every aspect of our visit, my first to Costa Rica. Although I am not a dentist, I’m certain I’ve experienced enough to
recognize superior skill & expertise. Perhaps equally impressive was the amount of time spent explaining to James & myself every facet of the procedures.

I felt a great conscientious pride of workmanship, plus the clinic’s technology is amazing, beyond anything I’ve experienced on either Coast or the Midwest. I doubt there is anything in the States that would compare favorably .. definitely not with the cheerful friendliness received at Nova.

As you know, we stayed at the wonderful Aparthotel LaSabana, a 10-minutedrive from the clinic. Nova provided car service each occasion! (Just like New York:)

Thank you again for your endless helpful emails replying to my never ending questions. It was a great trip, a beautiful country to which I’m anxious to return.

Robin Lescott

A Wonderful Job

Dear Dr. Obando, Well, where do I start? You did a wonderful job on my total dental reconstruction. Your skills are unsurpassed. You and your staff are the most talented, caring professionals that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I know I was a real challenge and a little weak kneed, but you and Seidi just bit your tongue and worked through my squirming. My mouth is feeling great and I’m already chewing gum. I know Mary Jo is looking forward to completing her dental work and enjoying the final product.

Again, thank you and please thank Seidi as well. We will see you around May and will book a date after the holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Seidi and your staff.

Tom & Mary Jo.

Like no other!

Nova Dental Center,in San Jose,Costa Rica is like none other! Truly light years,light years ahead of any other And especially in the states,especially….

A few facts:

Quality of Dental care?

Dr.Obando found a broken tooth I had that has never been found in the States. Removed my awful fillings and replaced with a safe white substance Implants that match my other teeth( after Dr.Obando’s cleaning and whitening,yes,Dr.Obando, not a assistant.)

Dr.Obando does not permit discomfort nor pain in ANY form to your mouth,NONE! I had surgery,fillings, implants whole 9 yards and zero discomfort….

On the rare occasions he gives shot for a procedure still you might,might feel a dink for a nano second,if then….
The quality of care is far superior than I ever could have dreamed!The flat screen T.V. on the ceilings of exam rooms with your hand on the remote is fun,the chair you are in is way out in the future as compared to the states.
Then so important to me is the cleanliness,it is the most spotless center ever, like I do not recall being to a dirty dentist office here in the States. Dr. Obando’s, Nova Dental Center, is clean that as soon as you enter it stands out as ever so spotless,spotless all over the center….Now for COST? This is another fun part, for my proceedures, Flights from Cheyenne,Wyoming, a very wonderful hotel in center of San Jose and food and fun activities was less than,ready for this? $5,000 and the proceedures in Cheyenne or Denver area was estimated at $ 22,000, yes, $22,000

Cheyenne,Wyoming, U.S.

Thank you Dr.Obando!

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful smile! I have gotten so many compliments and couldn’t be happier with the results. Yesterday, I went to my local dentist for a cleaning and he said that it was a great job. I appreciate the time you took to explain the process of the implant. When it was time for the crown, you took your time to make sure that the fit and color were perfect. The front tooth crown looks like a natural tooth.

All of your staff is very professional and efficient and your office technology exceeds what my local dentist has. For example my US dentist does not take the digital X-rays. If any patients would ever want to contact me, you can certainly give them my contact information. I didn’t know how to leave a testimonial on your website. Can you use this email.


Skilled Professionals

Doctor Obando and his staff are skilled professionals who seem to delight in the good work that they do. Highly trained, fluent in English, and surrounded by state of the art equipment, I never doubted that I was in good hands. All of the dental work I had done has held up fine with no problems whatsoever. My wife and I also had a wonderful Costa Rican vacation with the money we saved. I would recommend Nova Dental to my friends.

Kirk Meyer

Boston, Massachusetts.

A Great Experience!

My experience with Dr. Obando could not have been better. I was very happy with the substantial cost savings – about one third of what I would expect to pay in the US. Better yet, I was absolutely delighted with the result of his work! The office setting and equipment are state of the art and the bilingual staff friendly and caring.

It all starts at the top. Dr. O is a dedicated, talented professional – completely patient oriented. I would recommend him without qualification.

Barry O’Leary

Jupiter, Florida, USA

Magnificent Staff!

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr Obando and his office staff. During my visit to Costa Rica Dr. Obando was very flexible and accommodating with the limited time I could spend in the country. The work I had done – two crowns, a bonding, cleaning and whitening – was absolutely first rate and completed in three days. The office is state-of-the-art and I knew up front how long and the procedures would take and precisely what the cost would be.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Doctor Obando and his magnificent staff are top professionals and nicest of people. I plan to go back in the future and whole-heartedly give them my highest recommendation.

Denny Pistoll

Stroudsburg, PA, USA.

My Dental Experience in Costa Rica

We arrived at the very nice offices of Dr. Luis G. Obando, NOVA DENTAL in the Plaza Itzkatzu, and were greeted by a lovely and very friendly staff, al speaking English, and happy to see us! We felt that we were in good hands, as we were immediately introduced to our Dentist, Dr. Obando, who took photographs himself of our teeth, and listened intently to everything we had to say about our dental problems and inquiries. He told us that he would study our X-rays, and make his expert opinion as to what should be done. As promised, the next day we each had time with Dr. Obando, as he showed us our Ex-rays, while explaining the options and procedures needed to be done. We also discussed price and decided on the procedure to be taken. Then our appointments were arranged, and work began!

Always a pleasure to arrive at NOVA DENTAL, where everyone is so very nice and friendly. Our dental work began with Dr. Obando, and his amazing young and talented Staff! Beautiful Seidi, lovely Yensy, Dr. Truque and a confident Dr.Manrique, we were treated by the best and most modern dental care ever! I have been bragging to everyone I meet now about our GREAT DENTIST in Costa Rica!

And, the proof of this is my husband’s teeth look and ARE beautiful and strong now…my teeth are in good shape, we have no pain, and are extremely happy with the results of our time with Dr. Obando, his staff and our entire dental experience. The offices are very conveniently located in the Plaza Itzkatzu, where there is a pharmacy, many good restaurants, and a great Ice Cream Store! NOVA DENTAL will always arrange for transportation, taxis or vans, whatever you need for you. It was entirely a Perfect and Delightful Dental Experience!

Bonnie Lynn Adelson & Randy Bradley

Talented and Professional

Hello Dr. Obando,

I think about you each day when I look in the mirror! Besides being handsome and kind, you’re really talented and professional. Thank you so much for my new smile!!! Whenever I am feeling depressed, I go to the mirror and look at these six front teeth you re-made with porcelain veneers. I am a little frustrated with myself when I realize that I should have done this 20 years ago when I first got divorced. I have spent money on everyone, my kids, my properties, my trips, but this one expenditure (half or less than in the USA) is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself, in my own self esteem, in my own happiness level. Sometimes when I am looking in the mirror, I giggle with glee! And think, no matter how old and wrinkly I get, I will always have fabulous looking teeth! Yes, I went to Costa Rica to have a second face lift, which sadly, didn’t make much of a change (my doctor there is very conservative!), but every dime I spent in Costa Rica was worth meeting you and experiencing your artistic abilities, your warmth and sincerity, your determination to do the absolute best work possible.

I admit having decent teeth shaved down is very scary! It can be life changing, for the better or the worse! You never know! I am still adjusting to a couple of tiny spots behind one tooth (it’s only been two weeks!), but I would almost be willing to not eat for months to have these beautiful six front teeth. I love the fact that you didn’t make them absolutely perfect! They look as perfect as real teeth, which are never absolutely perfect! Of course, I could wish that they were whiter, but that would not have matched with the back teeth, so the color your choose was perfect, just a step whiter than the back caps. All in all, I am almost at a loss for words, to explain how happy I am with your work. Even though my teeth were OK (I never really thought I had awful teeth!), I am just thrilled to death that I decided to do this at the last moment, between surgery and recuperation! Unbelievably, you were able to work on my teeth and never once touch any of my facial sutures! And you were right about the appointments. Three were just perfect,the short last one imperative to smooth out the little details.

Thank you so much! Please feel free to have any potential client contact me or post this on your website! My very best

Utah, USA

Marilyn Clark

Utah, USA.

A Very Professional Staff!

Hello to everyone at Nova Dental.  Thank you all for the great work doing my two implants c/w crowns and the 3rd crown separately.It is so good to be able to smile and show off my teeth! My smile looks great and my mouth feels great 1 week after your work.

I am back to chewing on both sides of my mouth! In particular, Dr. Javier Chavarria DDS, you did outstanding work! Very professional and very personable – a great combination when someone is getting complicated dental work done! Your staff follow your great example of being very professional but also being very personable.

Your promptness in responding to all my questions along the way was very much appreciated.

Thank you so much again for a job extremely well done!

Earle Morris

Ottawa, Canada

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