According to a Chilean online newspaper, scientists have discovered a revolutionary molecule that eliminates the bacteria that are largely responsible for tooth decay. In only 60 seconds, it renders human teeth cavity proof for hours, the researchers have found.

As reported by Diario Financiero, the molecule could be added to toothpastes and other oral care products, or even to candy or chewing gum to prevent dental cavities.

According to the newspaper, Keep 32, named after the number of teeth in a healthy human mouth, is able to destroy Streptococcus mutans, a bacterium commonly found in human salvia, which is associated with a high risk of dental caries. The researchers assert that it kills all S. mutans, preventing dental cavities for several hours after only one minute in the consumer’s mouth.

It has not been tested in humans yet, the newspaper stated.

According to Diario Financiero, it was synthesized by molecular biologist José Córdova and Erich Astudillo, a researcher at the University of Chile, who began their research in 2005. They founded Top Tech Innovations, a startup company that launched the Keep 32 project, in order to sell the molecule by the kilo to large corporations.

The researchers told the online newspaper that they intend to license the patent-pending product to dental care manufacturers and confectionary and snack producers.

Last week, the two Chilean scientists signed an investment agreement, Astudillo told Dental Tribune ONLINE. Owing to a secrecy clause, however, Astudillo was unable to provide any further details.

Original Source: The Dental Tribune