Dental Vacations in Costa Rica

Savvy travelers have begun to agree that Costa Rica is one of the best destinations in the world for Americans and Canadians to enjoy a dental vacation. For those of you not in the know what is meant by a dental vacation is someone that comes to Costa Rica with the intention of enjoying so much that this tropical paradise has to offer and during the same trip strap into that dental chair and save up to 70% on a range of dental services.

Having dental work done is normally much less impactful than other types of medical tourism. Most procedures done in dentistry are ambulatory, meaning that most patients walk out the door after the procedure on the same day. Dentists in Costa Rica are very well trained and considered among the best in the Americas, many having attended finishing schools in the United States. The College of dentists keeps a very tight rein on pricing in Costa Rica and Costa Rica dentists are not allowed to advertise their pricing, however the reality is that up to 60% savings can be achieved on a wide range of procedures.

Still it is imperative that one do their homework on the dentists and make sure that the dentist you are working with is qualified for your procedure. The Web is a great place to do your homework. Just type the name of the dentist or dentistry into Google and you will find information, testimonials, and qualifications of the dentist you are researching. If you do not find any information then the best bet is to stay clear.

The vacation aspect of dental tourism is an easy one in Costa Rica. A good rule of thumb would be to plan the vacation activities before ypour dental procedure. Often a family can enjoy a vacation and have the whole family worked on for the same price as the dentist in the states would charge just for the dental.

Costa Rica boasts many fine adventures for the whole family. The country has the highest percentage of national park area to land mass of any other country. The exotic wildlife ranges through the 5 tropical sub climates to those species indigenous to the dry tropical rain forest to the mysterious and verdant canopies of the southern and eastern regions. Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia so it is not a daunting task to see a lot on your visit. Our suggestion for a dental vacation is to do your homework on both the touristry and the dental portions but above all come to Costa Rica.

Original Source: Medical Travel Corp