soft-drinks bad for teeth
(Photo: Galina Barskaya/Shutterstock)
According to recent news reports, Australian dentists have had to remove all the teeth from the mouth of a 25-year-old owing to overindulgence in soft drinks. The man had apparently drunk up to eight litres of soft drink each day for the last three years.

As reported by online newspaper adelaidenow, William Kennewell is highly addicted to sugary drinks and ignored dentists’ repeated warnings about the possible danger to his oral health. He said he drank six to eight litres a day.

His addiction had not only led to severe tooth decay, leaving him with only 13 teeth, but also caused blood poisoning, which improved after his teeth were removed and replaced with dentures, the newspaper reported.

Only recently, a study among 16,500 Australian children revealed that more than half of the children in the country consume at least one soft drink per day. Health experts have consequently called for tooth-decay warnings on sugar-sweetened beverages.

Original Source: The Dental