Medical Tourism in Costa Rica: Where to go?

Here are some recommendations about different kinds of tours you can take to know the natural marvels of Costa Rica, while you are being given a cosmetic dental treatment in Nova Dental Clinic.

Poás Volcano National Park and Waterfall Gardens Tour : After a scenic drive through Alajuela, arrive at Poás Volcano, one of the deepest active volcanoes in the world. Having erupted last in 1978, Poás emits a continuous flow of steam from vents adjacent to a lake deep within the main crater. Hike to the second crater, with a crystal clear rain-fed lake surrounded by lush tropical jungle, located a half-mile away via a trail through dwarf cloud forest. Among the 80 species of birds reported, several are unique to this unusual habitat. Then visit the La Paz Waterfalls and Gardens – a beautiful private wildlife refuge. Hike along nature trails and across suspended bridges to see 4 waterfalls including the magnificent La Paz, lots of wildlife, a butterfly garden, orchid garden, hummingbird garden and more in this cloud forest and rain forest.
Irazu Volcano
Irazu Volcano: The last time Volcán Irazú awoke was in the first half of the 1960’s, when, for four years it showered the residents of Cartago and San José with ash, clogged the air with smoke, and sent glowing boulders rolling down its sides. Today, as you travel along the southern slope of the volcano to the park, the potato, onion, and cabbage fields give way to dairy farms at higher elevations. The next eruption can’t be predicted with much accuracy, but currently the only activity in the crater is from fumaroles releasing toxic steam.

Arenal Volcano and Hot Springs: This almost perfect shaped volcano was covered with vegetation before 1968. Just before the big eruption during the year 1968, the people noticed that the cows could not drink water from the Tabacon River because of the rising temperature. After this, the volcano erupted violently covering more than 7 square kilometers ( 4.2 square miles ) with lava. Since that moment the volcano has been erupting daily at different levels of activity. This is one of the greatest spectacles of a visit to Costa Rica. It is incredible to observe and hear an eruption by daylight or by night. Seeing the lava rocks glowing down the hill at night is something you will never forget.

Hacienda Pozo Azul: Costa Rica provides White Water Rafting experiences that take your adrenaline to top levels and fascinating Canopy Tours going high above the treetops. Now you can enjoy the two activities in an extraordinary way. Discover the natural marvels of Sarapiqui; an extensive territory located in the northeastern parts of the country, with a variety of crystal clear rivers, an abundance of beautiful tropical forests and villages inhabited by friendly and laborious people.

The Canopy Tour takes about an hour and a half and the nine cables of different length stretch over the forest with the last one crossing the Sarapiqui River. The rafting at Sarapiqui River has different levels between class II and class III, presenting vibrant scenary to those who want to participate in this exciting activity. Nine miles of unexpected rapids in combination with calm and relaxing intervals makes this an unforgettable experience for bird watchers and nature lovers.

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